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DOO-KEY DASH: The BAYC Released An Explainer Video For Its Upcoming Interactive Mint.

After the Bored Ape Yacht Club announced its upcoming skill-based mint earlier this week, the club released a new explainer video this afternoon.

As BAYC members and the NFT community at large are getting ready to dive into the sewers of the swamp, the BAYC released a new explainer video that covered all things the Doo-Key Dash!

“Heads up, Apes,” the BAYC tweeted. “Our video explainer for the latest update on the Sewer Pass and Dookey Dash can be found below and on our official Yuga Labs YouTube channel! Take some time to watch it through once… Or twice.”

In the explainer video, the club reiterated that while Apes and Mutants are the only ones who can claim a Sewer Pass, anyone that holds a sewer pass (buys one on the secondary market) can take part in the Doo-Key Dash!

BAYC and MAYC members will be invited to mint their Sewer Passes starting on January 17th and the Doo-Key Dash skilled based mint will begin on January 18th. Sewer Pass holders can play as many times as they want between the January 18th and February 8th when the sewer closes and the game ends.

“You can get a sewer pass anytime between January 17th and February 8th,” the club said in the video. “Make sure you hold onto your Sewer Pass and play at least once if you wanna make the most of it.”

Further in the video, the BAYC explained that Sewer Pass holders’ high scores are tied to the unique combination between the wallet and the Sewer Pass.

“Your high score in the game is tied to the combination of your wallet and your Sewer Pass,” the club said in the video. “If you give away your pass or it gets moved to another wallet, the score does not go with it. It’s now a new wallet and pass combination. However, if you get that same pass back, as long as it’s in the original wallet you played with your high score will be there.”

Once the sewer closes, users top scores will be recorded, and the leaderboard will freeze. Then a week later Doo-Key Dash participants will be invited to take part in the summoning.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more information about the Doo-Key Dash and the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. Stay tuned for continued coverage and be sure to watch the club’s full explainer video below:

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