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DOWN THE DRAIN: Doo-Key Dashers Have Spent Over $605K USD On PowerShart Packs In Less Than A Week

In less than a week, Doo-Key Dashers have spent over 100,000 $Ape on in game “Powershart” power up packs!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members and NFT enthusiasts at large have been busy in the sewers under the club as they take part in the Doo-Key Dash.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Doo-Key Dash is the BAYC’s first skill-based mint. This means that holders have the potential of getting a better mint reveal based how they perform in the game.

While the Doo-Key Dash is free to play for Sewer Pass holders, the game features an optional PowerShart Pack that Doo-Key Dashers can purchase for 2 $Ape or $10.82 USD.

The PowerShart pack gives users three different boosts/ advantages for 10 minutes, according to the BAYC.

So far these boosts have been extremely popular with Dashers as 111,474 $Ape or $605,303 USD has been spent on these power ups, according to Etherscan.

At the time of this article’s publication, 18676 players have Doo-Key Dashed a combined 3,417,700 times and current high score is 591,191 PTS, according to the game’s leaderboard.

The Doo-Key Dash is set to end on February 8th and users can spend their $Ape on power ups anytime between now and then. The Gazette will continue to follow how much $Ape gets spent in the sewers and will keep you posted on high scores! Stay tuned for updates!

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