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ELECTION 2022: See Which Special Council Candidates Discourse Pages Have Been Viewed The Most

The ApeCoin DAO’s election season is in full swing, and the community is in the process of meeting the long list of candidates.

The ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council election season kicked off last month and 42 $Ape holders threw their hats in the ring to run for the council's three open seats.

Currently, the ApeCoin DAO’s election is in its second phase. During this second phase, the prospective nominees have been answering $Ape holders’ questions via the DAO’ Discourse forum.

This portion of the election process is set to end on December 11th and the DAO will then vote to select the top five nominees to move on to the next round beginning on December 15th, according to the DAO’s, election timeline.

While we do not know which five candidates the $Ape community will vote for on December 15th , we do know which candidates Discourse pages $Ape holders have been viewing the most.

Check out the 10 most viewed candidate Discourse pages below:

The Bored Ape Gazette highly encourages all $Ape holders to check out all the candidates and take part in the DAO’s election process.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this year’s election season and will keep you posted on all things $Ape! Stay tuned for updates!

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