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ELECTION 2024: Phil Watkins Is Running For ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group Steward

ApeCoin DAO Contributor Phil Watkins has been building his entire life. From his time as a Civil Construction Operations Manager, where he grew a business from 4 to 25 contractors, to building out a supply chain business that had a billion bucks of revenue, he knows how to make things work. In recent years, Phil has aped into the Web3 space but kept in touch with his building roots. Since joining the crypto community, he’s been building the next generation of streaming and tournament platforms and unreal 3D avatars. Now, Phil is throwing his hat in the ring and running to be the ApeCoin DAO’s next Metaverse Working Group Steward.

Things are anything but boring in the $Ape ecosystem this week as ApeCoin DAO Contributors head to the polls to cast their coins and elect two Special Council members, two Governance Working Group Stewards, two Web3 Development Working Group Stewards, a Marketing and Communications Working Group Steward, and a Metaverse Working Group Steward to $Ape office!

As $Apes start to vote, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to every candidate from every race and asked them for their final thoughts on the Banana Bill, what they hope to accomplish, and making ApeCoin fun.

Check out the Gazette’s interview with Phil Watkins below:

1. In a sentence or two why should $Ape holders vote for you?

“Firstly, I’m an active member who regularly attends IRL events and online activities and I’d like to contribute even more. Secondly, I have a huge experience background as a senior leader and business improvement specialist focusing on optimizing underlying technologies to drive operational performance to the tune of 1B sustainable revenue per annum. Scaled businesses from 0 to 1, winning and executing multimillion dollar government contracts, turning to web3, now building a scalable streaming, gaming leagues and 'unreal' 3d asset ecosystem which aligns my skillset with the Metaverse Steward requirements perfectly.


2. How do you define the metavsrse and how does $Ape fit into that?

“Some might argue we are already in the metaverse, a digital realm of connectivity and interaction. As the metaverse comes online and we enter that next phase, its exciting to see the utility of $Ape take effect, become the underlying transaction and in-dapp purchase token.”

3. What is one tangible thing that you want to accomplish if elected? How will it impact the DAO?

“Priorities for myself within the role fall into a few different buckets. Community liason; feedback and vocalizing of opportunities. team and product onboarding and activation, 3d asset infrastructure; utility, phygital and scalabilty. Then lastly, future tech and innovations into the metaverse to ensure long term scalability and future user case capability. Priority is to engage and understand short term wants and needs of the community, whilst ensuring execution of a long term strategic plan.”

4. What are your thoughts on the Banana Bill? How will you ensure it’s a success if you’re elected?

“The Banana Bill is a good initiative it’s a sign of growth and maturity within the commercialization of Ape Coin DAO itself. It needs to undergo a certain amount of due diligence and scrutiny which I’m sure the specialists within the DAO and community will achieve. Part of the metaverse role would be to introduce, attract and support teams to potentially apply and utilize the Bill, outside of the current grant process.”

5. How do you plan to make ApeCoin fun?

“Its all about engagement, maintaining the community involvement and increasing the amount of community touch points globally, this can be from conference and speaking presence, hackathons, alpha and beta testing groups for innovations and use cases. We also have the opportunity to continue running 'think tank' competitions. Global competitions or 'Ape storming' campaigns to have ideas and initiatives proposed from the community and judged based on innovations and integrations, which can segway into AIP's.”


6. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

"We are at an exciting moment in the Ape Coin DAO development phase. With Ape Chain coming online, it will signal to the global industry that the community, DAO and chain is ready to scale in a way that hasnt been experienced before. With all new phases within business life cycles, we need specialists with specific skill sets that can be effective and execute to a high standard the 'new requirements' of this phase require, not just repeat what has previously been achieved - I believe I possess that skill set and it would be an honour to fulfill the role of Metaverse Steward. #Votephil"


ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Phil Watkins’ campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @ philwatkins_eth 


The window to vote in the second and final round of the ApeCoin DAO’s summer election season is currently open and $Apes have until Wednesday, June 19th, at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you interviews with every candidate and will let you know who the DAO elects next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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Kennedy Ira
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