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ELECTION RESULTS: The ApeCoin DAO Elected Waabam& CapetainTrippy As Its Next Special Council Members

The ApeCoin DAO’s second election season came to an end last night and the Special Council race was anything but boring!

Wednesday's Special Council election came down to the wire last night, as the ApeCoin DAO community took to the polls and elected Waabam and Capetaintrippy to replace Yat Siu and Alexis Ohanian on the Special Council.

Waabam received 7.7 million $Ape votes, while Capetaintrippy received 7.3 million $Ape votes.

After the polls closed, Waabam and Capetaintrippy took to Twitter to thank their supporters and congratulate their fellow candidates on a race well run. Check out each of their posts below:

“Thank you so much to the @ApeCoin fam for putting your faith in me, Waabam tweeted following his win. “Congratulations to @CapetainTrippy, and huge, HUGE shoutout to @Swickie, @notthreadguy& @karmapocket.This is just the beginning We're on a mission to accomplish incredible things We build it together.”

“Thank you for your support & voting @Waabam_eth & I onto @apecoin DAO special council, CapetainTrippy tweeted. “$Ape. Congrats to @AllCityBAYC, @tigerisfine for being elected as well. Shoutout to @byswickie, @notthreadguy& @karmapocket. All amazing people & true web3 leaders. Feels surreal.”

Following last night’s election, Waabam and CapetainTrippy will officially begin their terms on the DAO’s Special Council on July first.

Once Waabam and CapetainTrippy take office next week and join Gerry, Vera, and BoredApeG on the board, the Special Council will be composed entirely of community elected members for the first time in the DAO’s history.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the new Special Council. Stay tuned for updates!

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