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Elite Ape Editions Of Punks Comic #2 Minted Today. Find Out Where To Get Your Copy Here:

Lucky Bored Apes and Pixel Vault holders got the chance to mint one of eight limited edition Elite Apes Collector Edition Covers for Punks Comic #2 today.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Punks Comic held a March Madness style tournament last summer to determine which apes would be featured in its comic book series.

The eight apes selected to be in the comic were: BBA, Biz, Gold-Rilla, Hanzo, Kiki, King BlackBored, Lone-Star and Trop.

These apes were all featured in the 2nd issue of Punks Comic #2 X Marks The Drop. Not only did these apes star in the comic, but also these apes were used as the cover art for their own collector edition versions of the comic book.

In order to mint a collector’s edition cover, Apes and Pixel Vault holders had get lucky in a randomly generated que system and then they burn an elite ape entry coin and pay pay .16 Eth.

In total, there were 6,000 elite ape collector edition covers up for grabs.

If you’re interested in purchasing a collector’s edition of Punk Comic #2, you can find the Opensea Links to each apes cover below:

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