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ENCHANTER EXPLAINED: Yuga Labs Revealed What Role Enchanter Maras Play In LOTM. The Full Story:

After months of mystery, Yuga Labs revealed what Enchanter Maras roles are in the Legends of The Mara and players can now make an informed choice on which type of Mara to nest first when the game begins later this month.

Things were anything but boring around the swamp on Friday as Yuga Labs took to Twitter and provided the community with details about the enigma that was Enchanter Maras!

In a four-part post, Yuga Labs explained that Enchanter Maras make Voyagers, Hunter, and Famer Maras perform their duties better and that the more Enchanters a player has, the better their other mystical Maras’ types will perform!

“Enchanters boost the skills of all the Oda assigned to their Otherdeed Camp simultaneously,” Yuga Labs explained from its OthersideMeta account. “Enchanters can neither fight nor farm, but the more of them you have, the faster your Farmers will harvest, and the better your Hunters will fight. Enchanters provide a great advantage to any team. Enchanters need to remain rooted to the Camp for their buffs to be active, so Koda and Kodamara assigned to enchant cannot participate in farming and hunting.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, told Voyagers in May that Farmer Maras work towards finding sediment fragments and a Seasonal Catalyst to transform Maras into a more powerful Kodamara while Hunter Maras fight the Shattered and collect treasure.

With today’s Enchanter announcement, Voyagers now know what each of the three Mara types do and why they need each creature in their quest to defeat the Shattered and save Otherside.

With this information, Voyagers can now make an informed decision later this month when they have to choose which Mara Vessel to nest first. Remember, only one Vessel can nest on an Otherdeed at a time!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Legends of The Mara and will keep you posted on all things LOTM! Stay tuned for updates!

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