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FIRST LOOK: Bored N Hungry's South Korea Location Had Its Soft Opening Yesterday!

It's order up around the swamp as Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired burger brand, Bored N Hungry, had its soft opening yesterday, and the Web3 world got its first look at the menu and venue!

On Tuesday, Bored N Hungry opened its doors for the first time in Seongsu-Dong, Seoul, South Korea, and things looked both boring and delicious as the community got its first look at the location’s insane Ape mural, the boring vibes inside, and the delicious food, such as this location’s exclusive shrimp burger!

Following yesterday’s soft launch, Bored N Hungry told the Gazette that everyone who attended the event loved their signature burgers and their new shrimp patties!

As photos from the event were shared on social media, Bored N Hungry Business Development Lead JBond took to Twitter and spoke for all the Apes who were having FOMO over the food!

“GM to everyone having a FOMO on @BoredHungryAsia Korea Menu,” he tweeted today. “I mean… Look at all of that I’m definitely eating a Shrimp Burger the next time I’m back in Korea.”


Bored N Hungry’s South Korea location is scheduled to officially open on February 15th, once the mural is completed!

The Bored N hungry’s Seoul location will be the company’s third permanent location joining its California restaurant that opened in April 2022, and its Philippines location that opened in September 2023.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored N hungry and will keep you posted on the brand’s Seoul location. Stay tuned for updates!

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