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FLY FLOCK: Moonbirds Are Looking Good After Yuga Labs Released The Project's Illustrated Art Upgrade!

The Moonbird flock is looking fly after Yuga Labs gave its holders their new illustrated Birbs, complete with intellectual property rights!

The Moonbird is the word in the Yugaverse today after the company’s illustrated Birbs, inspired by their pixelated predecessors, took flight in the Web3 world!

“Welcome to the beginning of a new adventure: All Moonbirds have been updated to include a toggle to select between Illustrated and Pixel artwork,” Yuga Labs announced on its Moonbirds account today. “Here’s how to check out your new illustrated version: Navigate to your bird on Magic Eden (or any other marketplace) and toggle from the default pixel Moonbird to the illustrated Moonbird: You can even set your illustrated bird as the default view: 1. Head to PROOF dot XYZ 2. Connect your wallet and visit your profile 3. Select your birds and follow the instructions (transaction required) 4. Toggle back and forth between the illustrated pixel art anytime.”



Following Yuga Labs’ announcement, Moonbird holders took to the timeline and showed off their characters new illustrated feathers.



“I feel like I’m in the Simpsons episode when they popped into 3D,” sobeAsh.Eth tweeted after today’s reveal. “@moonbirds 2.0 artwork just popped! great job  @ColinHesterly @HoloisAlpha & team.”



As everyone took to the timeline to share their animated birds with their frens, Yuga Labs reminded holders that these animated birds are their IP and that they are free to spread their wings and build!

“The illustrated art comes with personal and commercial use rights so holders can build alongside us in the Moonbirds Universe,” Yuga Labs tweeted. “We can't wait to see what you create with your birds!”


Today’s art upgrade release and IP rights are just the first things that Yuga Labs has in store for the Moonbirds project.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs announced its 'Moonbirds Universe' initiative in April, 2024, which includes not only new art and IP rights but also 3D models for the Birbs like Apes have, a digital world called Volaria, in-real-life events for the community, and physical products.

“But the Moonbirds Universe doesn’t stop at the screen,” the project teased. “IRL and physicals will bring the brand to life. Look out for dedicated events to bring Moonbirds together, including a satellite event next to Apefest 2024 in Lisbon this October. We’re also working on partnerships for Moonbirds physical collectibles. Take flight with us on the next adventure into the Moonbirds Universe.”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of the Moonbirds art upgrade. Stay tuned for updates!

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han gu
han gu
Jun 13

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