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ForeverApes Recently Released Their Lego Meebit Builds. Check Them Out Here:

These Bored Builders are bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world one lego brick at a time.

After Bored Ape Yacht Club members and builder sForeverApes won the first ApeCoin DAO sponsored Meebit PropHouse contest, the team published their Meebit lego build instructions online!

“Every day is leg day,” ForeverApes tweeted on January 12th. “Our winning Prop House proposal is now live! We suggest visiting on desktop or laptop. Come download free LEGO Brickheadz instructions of your favorite Meebits at Powered by @apecoin & @MeebitsNFTs #MeebitsHaveLEGOs.”

The site currently features the build instructions of seven notable Meebits, and the ForeverApes team plans to release even more build instructions soon.

Check out the step by step instructions for one of the Meebit Builds below:

Following ForeverApes’ announcement, BAYC Co-Founder Garga took to Twitter and said how much he liked these lego build outs.

"This @meebitshouse-funded site is rad,” Garga tweeted. “Gotta buy parts to build a @NGBxShpend meeb."

Users who are interested in building a lego Meebit can check out ForeverApes website for the instructions here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ForeverApes Meebit Lego builds and will let you know when the team adds more build instructions its website. Stay tuned for updates!

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