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Video Game Pro&YouTuber Mongraal Currently Holds The High Score On Doo-Key Dash!

The Doo-Key dash is in full swing and the current first place dasher is a well-known Esports player and Fortnite streamer!

On Sunday, Mongraal, who has 4.63 million subscribers on YouTube, took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of his Doo-Key Dash setting high score.

“1st dookeydash,” Mongraal, who’s real name is Kyle Jackson, wrote along with a screenshot of his insane score of 807,260 PTS.

Following Mongraal’s post, BAYC members tweeted about how great it is to see a major video game player ape into the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

“This is huge, not just because of the score he put up," BAYC member Othernaut tweeted. “Take a look at who Mongraal is, if you aren't aware #DookeyDash.”

Mongraal’s current high score is 65,963 PTS better than the current second place score, according to the Doo-Key Dash leaderboard.

If Mongraal’s score remains the game’s top result, he will receive the coveted key that is currently lodged inside Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole.

The sewers below the swamp are set to close on February 8th. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Mongraal and the Doo-Key Dash. Stay tuned for updates!

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