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FRIGHTFUL FAZE: Professional Gamer And YouTuber FaZe Banks Traded Six CryptoPunks For A Ghoulish Grail!

A zombie CryptoPunk lurched into the wallet of professional e-sports player and NFT Degen FaZe Banks after he made a big trade with the Co-Founder of Draft Kings, but it's 'probably nothing.'


On Friday, FaZe Banks startled the web3 world after he updated his profile photo to a Zombie CryptoPunk after acquiring the ghoulish grail in a massive trade with Draft Kings Co-Founder, Matt Kalish.


“New pfp, probably nothing," Banks tweeted, sharing a photo of his new Punk along with a tag for @probablynothing Twitter account.



At this time is unclear what ‘probably nothing’ is, but it very well may be something because Banks is giving away $10,000 USD worth of ETH to someone who follows the account.



While we do not know what probably nothing is right now, we do know that Banks traded six CryptoPunks for his new Zombie PFP, based on Opensea transfer data.

Take a look at the Punks he traded for his new PFP below:



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Banks, Kalish, and the ‘Probably Nothing’ account. Stay tuned for updates!


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