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G-Tags Are Officially Sold Out And Holders Will Be Able To Get Their 10KTF PFPs During Season 2 Soon

Wagmi-San and Reece announced that 10KTF item recycling has reopened but Genesis items will no longer produce G-Tags during this week’s 10KTF Thursday tweets.

The G-Tag recycling train has left the station for the last time after the 10KTF project tweeted that item recycling is open, but Genesis items will no longer yield G-Tags. To drive this point home, the project also shared an image of 'the material like no other' with the words 'sold out' underneath it.

“Recycling will remain open until further notice,” 10KTF tweeted. “Genesis items no longer produce G-Tags. 10 $APE + ETH for gas fees per item recycled.”

In total, there are 15,598 G-Tags in the 10KTF collection following the project’s final Genesis recycling period two weeks ago, according to Opensea data.

For those who are new to the 10KTf ecosystem, a G-Tag “is a material like no other, an insignia of Wagmi-san's Genesis collection,” according to the item's Opensea description. “Used in combination with other tools and materials, customers will be able to advance Wagmi-san’s goals.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, G-Tags will become 10KTF profile photos during the project’s season 2, according to 10KTF’s Wen Moon.

"How many times do I have to tell you? G-Tags become the 10KTF PFP," she said on April 13th. "Use G-Tags wisely throughout Season 2."

While 10KTF has not officially announced when G-Tag holders will have their first chance to burn their items for a 10KTF PFP, they did announce that the project's Battle Town begins in July and that holders should be ready to 'rear' their G-Tags then.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of today’s 10KTF tweets. Stay tuned for updates!

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