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Garga Gave The Community Some Alpha On Project Dragon And Announced That Everyone Will Be Invited To Make Cool Stuff Together!

As the Yugaverse prepares to break through to the Otherside for Project Dragon next month, Yuga Labs CEO Garga hyped up the usually bored Apes with some alpha on the game and explained how everyone will be invited to build on top of their game, thanks to ImprobableIo’s M Squared tech.

Two years after Bored Ape Yacht Club members and Voyagers stepped into the Otherside for the first trip, The Web3 world is getting ready to reenter the M Squared powered metaverse for Yuga Labs’ Project Dragon gaming series that begins next month.

Today, Garga revealed that the Project Dragon game style will be like Call Of Duty’s domination mode where players fight to capture objectives and then defend them.

“For Otherside's First Trip we had 4,500 concurrent players. Second Trip: 7,200. Next month we're doing something a little different,” Garga tweeted. “Otherside's Project Dragon will feature similar mass density numbers, but this time we're adding action gameplay. Guns, grenades. Capture a point and defend it. With a thousand+ people on your team. Will it be janky at first? Probably. Will it be chaotic? For sure. We'll be iterating on this model continuously, holding a new Project Dragon event with more features every single month.”


While getting to play a domination-style game on Otherside built by Yuga Labs is great, Garga went on to say that the ultimate goal is to provide everyone with the tools they need to create cool ‘shit’ together and reward builders for making the metaverse.


“More importantly: All the components we use to build Project Dragon, we're going to bake that content and those blueprints down for other builders to use and make stuff with the ODK, our extension of the MSquared World Builder,” Garga tweeted. “We make shit. We give it to you. You make shit too. And if any of us ever hit it right, like WarCraft III's custom games / "use map settings" birthed countless stand-alone games and entire genres like MOBAs. Then we're off to the races. Because web3 rails make modding, custom games, monetization, owning part of a network, etc all so, so much better than the legacy web2 model.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Otherside is being built as part of ImprobableIo’s M Squared-powered metaverse, where everything is created using their open-format building protocol, Metaverse Markup Language (MML).


“M2 is also a decentralized commercial network. One where the developer can fully own their game, own the front door and distribution and monetise their game however they wish,” ImprobaleIo Founder Herman Narula tweeted today. “You can even link worlds together, with portals, with shared economics, or by building custom sub networks, your own differentiated 'roblox' and developer kits, like the ODK. Our goal is to enable new experiences that are also extremely composable. With MML you can easily build experiences that are composed of objects made by different authors, brought together in unique ways. Worlds can grow from a communities contributions or be designed by a single dev team.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will keep you posted on all things Project Dragon and will let you know when everyone can fight their frens on Otherside next month. Stay tuned for updates!

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