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GG GERRY: Special Council Member Gerry Announced That He Will Not Be Running For Re-election

ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Gerry announced that he will not seek re-election when his current term ends at the end of December.

With the ApeCoin DAO's upcoming election season scheduled to start on November 1st, the community has learned that Special Council Member Gerry, who was elected alongside VeraTheApe and BoredApeG in December 2022, has decided not to run for a second term

“I would like to announce with a heavy heart and sigh of relief, that I will not be seeking re-election,” Gerry tweeted this morning along with a photo of his Bored Ape saluting the community. “It’s been an honor serving to the best of my ability.”

Following Gerry’s announcement, Special Council member Capetain Trippy took to Twitter and thanked Gerry for his service to the DAO.

“Love you, brother. It’s been an honor working beside you,” he wrote. “Thank you for your time, dedication, and passion you bring to the ecosystem. Big things ahead for you.”

While Gerry will not be running for Special Council this winter, he assured $Apes that he will not be leaving the ApeCoin ecosystem.

“I’m very relieved to not go through that horrendous process again,” Gerry said on ApeComms space this afternoon. “Just to clarify I’m not going anywhere I’m just not going to run for SC again. This job, I’m not going to lie, it’s a whole lot. And sometimes I feel like I’m running in place and like I’m on a leash, and I don’t do well with leashes. I have grand plans and I have a lot of ambition I have other things that I’m working on for the DAO and I look forward to sharing those.”

Further into ApeComm's space, Gerry gave prospective Special Council nominees a word of advice, warning them that serving on the Special Council is demanding.

“This job is very hard so just make sure if you decide you want to run for this job that you’re going to take it seriously and that you’re willing to put in 40-60 hours per week,” he said. “ If you already have a full-time job, you’re going to get in trouble at that full-time job if you’re doing this one right.”

At this time, it is unclear whether Special Council members BoredApeG and VeraTheApe, whose seats will also be up for a vote this winter, will run for second terms.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, this winter's election season will be the DAO's most significant yet, with three new Special Council seats, a Governance Steward position, two Metaverse Steward positions, and two Marketing & Communications seats to fill, for a total of eight Ape office roles on the ballot!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this winter’s election season and will bring you interviews and spotlights on every candidate. Stay tuned for updates!

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