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GOLD ON THE GO: The Gold Fur Bored Ape That Was Bought At Sotheby's In June And Traded To PunksOTC Last Week Just Sold For $325K USD!

The Gold-fur Bored Ape that sold at Sotheby’s in June and was traded to PunksOTC last week is on the move again after an anonymous buyer purchased the premier primate for 105 ETH, or $325,993 USD!

Things were anything but boring around the swamp on Wednesday after PunksOTC sold Bored Ape #8552 to Wallet 0x0401b9Ae57879aED7A28C19c18Fe70A873236572 for 105 ETH, or $325,993 USD.

Bored Ape #8552 is a seven-trait solid gold fur primate with a sushi chef headband, biker vest, and bored pipe. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #8552 is the 26th rarest Bored Ape, according to Rarity Sniper.

Today’s sale came a week after PunksOTC acquired Bored Ape #8552 in a trade with the anonymous Sotheby’s buyerwho purchased the primate at auction on June 25th for $264,000 USD.

In that deal, PunksOTC traded CryptoPunks #2039, #2233, #1434, and #7054 in exchange for the gold Ape.

At this time, we do not know much about the gold-fur primate’s new owner, but we do know that they used Binance, according to Etherscan.

We also know that today's deal was brokered by The OTC Network's founder, EB7, who has been involved in the biggest deals around the Yugaverse for years.

"Keeping the streak alive…another gold ape brokered by us," he tweeted this afternoon. "Congrats buyer and congrats seller :)"

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow PunksOTC, Bored Ape #8552, and the primate’s new owner. Stay tuned for updates!

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Lane Janny
Lane Janny
3 days ago

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