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GONE SHOPPING: Gordon Goner Bought More NFTs Today From His 'Throne.' See What He Got Here:

"Ape Papi" Gordon Goner is quickly becoming the king of NFTs, by going to the NFT market for the second day in a row and purchasing a Toadz, a Sappy Seal, a DeGod, and a Pudgy Penguin all from his 'throne.'

“This fucking idiot copping your grail nfts from the shitter,” Goner tweeted along with a photo of himself presumably on the toilet.

Goner’s second straight day of shopping began with a 4.9 Eth or $9,214 USD purchase of CrypToadz #3618, “for the culture,” he tweeted.

Thirty minutes later, and presumably still on the can, Goner got Sappy Seal #5221 for 2.15 Eth or $4,043 USD.

“Arf arf, mfers,” he tweeted.

After arfing around with the Sappy Seals, Goner moshed with the DeGod community purchasing DeGod #5858 for 8 Eth or $15,044 USD. “Okay but what the fuck is a y00t,” he wrote after the purchase.

After finishing a shoeie with the DeGods, Goner joined the huddle purchasing Pudgy Penguin #4111 for 38.69 Eth or $72,758.” Hey does my pengus curve a little bit to the left? Be honest. I can take it. Let me know in the comments,” he said.

After Goner’s purchases today, he took to Twitter and promised to continue his spending spree tomorrow.

“More tomorrow. Night night.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Goner began his recent NFT shopping spree on Tuesday, purchasing CryptoPunk #7458 for 600 Eth or $1,136,000 USD.

“Sup,” he casually tweeted.

Goner has been purchasing his new NFTs with Wallet 0x5bee2b0e902dB594BE8a9beB8e20f0bE0f370C6d.

At the time of this article’s publication, Goner’s wallet currently has 117.8 Eth or 221,473 USD in it.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Goner’s NFT purchases and will let you know what the ApeMan apes into next.

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