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'GREAT GUCCI VAULT EXCHANGE':Gucci Vault Material Holders Can Now Claim A Physical Item.Here's How:

It was a Gucci day around the swamp as Wagmi-San and Gucci, announced that Gucci Vault Material Holders could now exchange their ‘magical ethereal material’ for a Gucci physical item that’s co-branded by 10KTF.

On Thursday, Fake News Tokyo’s Guccheeta-San released an article titled ‘SEND IT ALREADY WAGMI,’ that revealed that Gucci Vault Material holders could now take part in “the great Gucci Vault Exchange.” During this exchange, holders can either claim a co-branded 10KTF Gucci wallet in exchange for one vault material or they can claim a co-branded 10KTF Gucci duffle bag in exchange for three vault materials.

The window for Gucci Vault Material holders to exchange their NFTs for the physical items is currently open and holders have until August 25th to exchange their NFTs for the Gucci goods!

“Gucci Vault Exchange is live at for all Gucci Vault Material NFT holders,” 10KTF tweeted. “Turn the digital textile into Gucci physicals starting now through August 25, 2023 at 3:00 PM PT. Visit for full details.”

Take a look at the two item’s below:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs’ Chief Creative Officer Michael Figge first teased the two 10KTF Gucci co-branded items last week during Christie’s Art Tech Summit.

“If you have a Gucci Vault Material you are basically going to be able to redeem it for a G interlocking Gucci wallet that’s co-branded with 10KTF,” he said in a video shared by the DAM Show's Mebynetta. “ Or a few weeks ago, this premiered at Wimbledon Jannkik Sinner Walked onto the court with a Gucci Duffel bag, so these are co-branded 10KTF items. They’re not for sale. You can only get it by doing this experience or by buying the material on the secondary market. We think that’s the kind of approach that helps you emotionally connect.”

After today's announcement, many members of the Yugaverse took to Twitter to show off their new merch and comment on the unique way they obtained their Gucci gear!

“Only with @yugalabs can you play a game with your NFT, get a free airdrop, and then redeem it for a luxury good,” BaycJoker tweeted. “F'n wild. NFTs are dead. Definitely nothing. “

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Great Gucci Vault Exchange and will let you know when these items are expected to ship once it is announced. Stay tuned for updates!

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