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GREAT SCOTT: Thank Ape's Fifth Season, Back To The Future Of ApeCoin,' Has Begun And You Can Earn $Ape By Contributing To The DAO!

GREAT SCOTT! The ApeCoin DAO-funded project, Thank Ape's 'Back To The Future Of ApeCoin' season has begun, and every $Ape holder is invited to join the program, spread the word about $Ape, and get rewarded for their contributions!

While ApeCoin DAO contributors may not need roads to participate in Thank Ape's reward season five, dubbed 'Back To The Future of ApeCoin,' they will need a Twitter account, a wallet, and an interest in all things $Ape to get involved and be rewarded with ApeCoin!

Thank Ape’s fifth season contributions will focus on helping $Ape become a gaming token, bringing the Bored Ape Yacht Club Community into the $Ape ecosystem, and helping more ApeCoin DAO Contributors participate and feel heard!

“While there is a degree of separation between the Club and our DAO, apes are at the heart of everything it represents and a driving force in ApeCoin DAO's future,” Thank Ape’s Customer Success Manager Dilly Dilly told the Gazette. “Thank APE wants to lean into the club as much as possible, especially here in season 5, to determine what would make apes feel the excitement we all felt when ApeCoin first launched. If we can capture that, we can curate the best contribution opportunities to make apes feel heard, rewarded, and that they are making a real impact.”

Dilly Dilly went on to say that season five will be a good time for $Apes and Apes to get involved with Thank Ape and that everyone should complete Thank Ape’s surveys!

“During the season, I'm most looking forward to seeing the creative output from participants of our Wordmaps competitions, which will offer large APE rewards for the best visual representations of our season's Spaces as voted by the community," he said. “Making sense of insights in a creative format, and allowing our community to help us make sense of it in their own way, is an awesome way to make this season more collaborative and engaging. Also looking forward to implementing some really unique surprise rewards for contributors who are consistent in participating in our weekly initiatives.... No promises yet, NFA but we're working on things. Do the surveys.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO voted in favor of Thank Ape's second Ape Improvement Proposal last month, awarding the project with 3.36 million $Ape to distribute to the community over the next year!

$Ape holders who are interested in taking part in Thank Ape season five can sign up here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Thank Ape and will keep you posted on all the ways you can contribute at the DAO! Stay tuned for updates!


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