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HAPPY PUNKIVERSARY: CryptoPunk #110 Has Been On Display At The Centre Pompidou in Paris France For The Last 365 Days!

It’s a happy Punkiversary in the Yuga Labs ecosystem today as the community celebrated the one-year anniversary of CryptoPunk #110 being put on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris France.

CryptoPunk #110 has been lighting up the city of lights as part of the Punks Legacy program for the past 365 days and the Web3 world is lighting up one to celebrate this CryptoPunk’s permanent exhibition in this prestigious museum.

CryptoPunk #110 is a four-attribute dark female Punk with a dark mohawk, purple lipstick, an earring, and a cigarette. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #110 is the 7779th most punk Punk, according to Rarity Tools.

While we do not know exactly how many people have seen CryptoPunk #110 on display in France, we do know that the Centre Pompidou had over 3 million visitors in 2022, which means a ton of people probably saw this smoking Punk!


CryptoPunk #110 is the second Punk placed in a prestigious art museum as part of Yuga Labs’ Punks Legacy Program, whose goal is to donate and place Punks in contemporary art museums around the globe.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs kicked off the program by placing CryptoPunk #305 in the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami in December 2022.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Punks Legacy Program and will inform you when and where Yuga Labs places its next Punk! Stay tuned for updates!

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