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HELLO THERE: Otherdex Released A New Tool That's Introducing Voyagers To Their Next-Door Neighbors!

It’s a beautiful day in the Otherside neighborhood as the Otherdeed data aggregator, Otherdex, launches its new 'meet your neighbor' map!


Voyagers are baking pies and grabbing bottles of wine, as they head on over to Otherdex’s new ‘meet your neighbor' map to see who they’re living next to in the metaverse!


“We just shipped our first release of 2024,” Otherdex tweeted today. “Here's what's new: 1. Meet your neighbors! View the Otherside map in an entirely new way by viewing voyager avatars. Just open the map and zoom in. Do you recognize anyone in this neighborhood?”



“We want to bring the context of community to the Otherside map by enabling Voyagers to see who holds the deeds around them,” Otherdex told the Gazette. “Of course, there are a lot of assumptions baked into this idea, but if geospatial position matters when traversing Otherside, it’s neat to know who lives around you and what type of environments are nearby.”


After the Otherdex released its update, BAYC members took to Twitter and said howdy their neighbors!



Voyagers who are interested in seeing who lives around them can search their Otherdeeds numbers and checkout the map to their neighborhood here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Otherdex and will keep you posted on the project’s Otherside tools. Stay tuned for updates!

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