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HODL OR NOT: This BAYC Member Is Trying To Settle The Debate Between Rarity And Aesthetics

Since the dawn of the Bored Ape Yacht Club the debate between Rarity and Aesthetics has raged on; while there is no right answer to this long-standing question, one BAYC member recently launched a new website that aims to settle this dispute.

Notable BAYC member Boring Bored Ape, who admits that he prefers aesthetic apes, recently launched a new ape ranking platform (with the help of ChatGPT) to find out where the community stands on this pressing issue.

BBA’s new website is called and anyone with an Eth wallet can connect to the platform and vote for which Apes they prefer.

“Aesthetics is a subjective topic,” BBA tweeted. “Everyone has different tastes. So how do you create an objective ranking? Well, I had some ideas but I asked ChatGPT-4, and "we" came up with a voting system using Elo rating, just like the one that's used to rank players in chess. You can check the details about the Elo rating system on Wikipedia but basically, the principle is to pair 2 random NFTs with a close rating and let the user vote for the one they find the more aesthetically pleasing. The winner goes up in the rankings while the loser goes down.

In the site’s first 24 hours, 6000 votes have been cast between the three project’s currently listed on the platform.

“After a sufficient number of votes, you get a ranking that is supposed to reflect people's tastes,” BBA explained. “The more votes you have, and the more diverse the voters base, the more the rankings will be relevant. Right now it's not there yet, because you need quite a lot of votes.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow BBA’s HodlorNot website and will continue to cover the Rarity vs. Aesthetics debate. Stay tuned for updates!

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