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HOWLING INTO THE HALVING: The Mutant Hounds Inscriptions Will Be The First 10K Collection Inscribed On Bitcoin Post Halving!

The Mutant Hounds are howling into the halving after Novel Labs announced that the Insane Dogs will be the first 10,000-piece collection inscribed on Bitcoin post-halving, putting their paw prints on this historic on-chain moment!

Three days after the Mutant Hounds mint, Novel Labs announced that the hounds will be making history as the first 10,000 Ordinal collection to be inscribed on Bitcoin following the 2024 halving.

“UPDATE: The Hounds are positioned to be the first 10k inscribed on Bitcoin after the Halving,” the project announced. “For a better experience and to combat any potential spikes in tx fees, we've decided to airdrop all 10k MH//I directly to holders. No claim, no extra steps. Hounds will begin landing in your wallets after the Halving. This process will take some time to complete. Once finished, the collection will be added to the Magic Eden marketplace for secondary sales. Making history, yet again.”

Following this announcement, Novel Labs Founder Lior.Eth took to Twitter, calling this a historic moment.

“Did you really think we weren't going to make history with this collection? First 10k post halving. New world order. We're changing bitcoin forever,” he tweeted.

An hour later, Lior posted another tweet saying that the decision to airdrop the hounds to holders will cost the company $500,000 USD.

“In case you missed it - we’re taking a ~$500k haircut ourselves instead of our community by airdropping all hounds to minters,” he tweeted. “As I’ve said before - I couldn’t give less fucks about the money. We’re here to make history.”


Lior then announced that Mutant Hound Inscription  Holders  will be getting multiple Runes, which are the memecoins of Bitcoin, allocated to them for being part of the pack! “Fuck it, I’ll just say it. @MH_Inscriptions will have more than just one rune,” he tweeted. “No pre-mine alloc, everything goes to holders.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Novel Labs and Lior had already announced one Rune for Mutant Hound Inscription holders prior to the mint, along with an allocation of $Serum coin on Ethereum once Novel Labs’ new DAO goes live later this year.


“For anyone wondering what these Hounds are all about, read this very carefully. The Hounds Inscriptions are so much more than "just art,’” Lior tweeted earlier this week. “Hounds Ordinals are the key to a growing ecosystem of builders, IP, and AAA products. Props to the team for making this happen. !howl.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Hounds Inscriptions and will let you know what Novel Labs does next. Stay tuned for updates!

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