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HUNGRY HUNGRY MARA: Voyagers Can Start Feeding Their Maras A Catalyst Creature To Transform Them Into Kodamaras Later This Week

After months of fighting Shattered, farming Otherdeeds, and working up an appetite, Voyagers’ Maras are finally getting to take a break and gorge themselves on some scrumptious ‘Catalyst’ to 'grow up' into Kodamaras later this week!

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs announced that it's almost time for Voyagers’ Maras to grow up and consume the collectible creatures they've worked so hard to collect, continuing their journeys to becoming some of the most powerful creatures on Otherside.

“Time to grow up,” Yuga Labs Gaming tweeted along with a nine second animation showing a Mara eating a Catalyst creature and evolving into its next form. “Kodamara Fusion. 4/18/24.



“Kodamara are Mara evolved from eating a Catalyst,” Yuga Labs explained. “They are more capable helpers in the defense of Otherside and can use any of Farmer, Enchanter, or Hunter roles. Their powers are constrained compared to the ancient Koda.”

In total there are six different Catalyst creatures that Voyagers’ Maras can eat.

Each Mara type’s aesthetic will be impacted differently depending on what type of Catalyst Voyagers feed them. Take a look at how each Catalyst will affect each Mara below:


Along with deciding which type of Catalyst to feed their Maras during the Kodamara Fusion process, Voyagers will also have to decide whether or not to add a sediment fragment or two to their mystical creature, further impacting their Kodamara's appearance.


“Sediment fragments add unique visual traits to Kodamara,” Yuga Labs wrote.” You have 2 slots available to add sediment. The total amount added determines the changes to your Kodamara.”

In total, each Kodamara has four different slots where Voyagers can place a sediment: 'Parasite,' which adds a little creature to the Kodamara's head; 'Eye Texture,' which changes the Kodamara's eyes; 'Nascent Aura,' which can place a mystical energy around the Mara; and 'Overload Aura,' which increases the odds of obtaining an intense Kodamara aura.

“Very psyched for not just how hallucinatory and insane the Kodamara collection is, but how the decisions you make (which catalyst + sediment you feed your dude) affect the transformation,” Yuga Labs CEO Garga tweeted following the announcement.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, every Voyager with an original Otherdeed was invited to burn their Otherdeeds for Yuga Labs’ dynamic Otherdeed collection dubbed “Otherdeed Expanded” last year.

By burning their original Otherdeeds, Voyagers received a new Otherdeed expanded NFT along with either a Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter Vessel. These Vessels became Maras and these Maras are the creatures that can eat Catalysts and become Kodamaras.


For more information on transforming an original Otherdeed into an Otherdeed expanded and getting your Vessel, check out Yuga Labs' LOTM website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things LOTM and will keep you posted on this week’s Kodamara Fusion. Stay tuned for updates!

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