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'I LIKE THE BIRDS': Gordon Goner Purchased A Moonbird Following Yuga Labs' PROOF Acquisition!

Everybody knows that the bird is the word after Yuga Labs Co-Founder, Gordon Goner purchased a Moonbird this afternoon spurring a new copy pasta trend!

Two days after Yuga Labs’ acquisition of the PROOF Collective and the company’s signature collection Moonbirds, Gordon Goner added Moonbird #1672 to his growing NFT collection!

“I like the birds,” Goner tweeted along with a photo of his robotic Moonbird!

After his posts, Moonbirds, Apes, and others from around the Yugaverse took to Twitter, sharing photos of their Moonbirds and expressing their affinity for these avians!

Today’s post is the second time in three days that Goner has taken to the timeline to chirp about Moonbirds.

On Friday, shortly after Yuga Labs announced its acquisition of PROOF,  he joked about all the talk on the timeline!

“Sorry we acquired moonbirds, won't do it again,” he tweeted along with a cat meme!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more coverage of the PROOF and Moonbirds acquisition and will keep you posted on Yuga Labs’ plans for the entire PROOF Collective! Stay tuned for updates!

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