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INTEROPERABILITY: Serum City Crates Earned In LOTM Will Play A Role In Novel Labs' Serum City Game!

As Bored Ape Yacht Club members and the expanded Yugaverse ape into Serum City and start building and bartering, Yuga Labs announced some interoperability between its Legends of The Mara game and this Web3 world builder.

On Thursday, Novel Labs and Faraway Studio launched their highly anticipated ApeCoin-powered, interoperable Web3 world builder game, Serum City!

Following Serum City’s opening, Yuga Labs took to Twitter and announced that the Serum City boxes that Voyagers have been earning in Legends of The Mara since September 2023, will play a role in both their game and Novel Labs’ game.

“Congrats to our Friends at the @mutant_cartel for launching  @serumcity today,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its gaming account. “Serum City Boxes earned in LoTM will be used to claim rewards in Serum City. Stay tuned to the  @serumcity account for more info.”

This interoperability makes sense because both games were developed by Faraway studio and Novel Labs’ Mutant Hounds were revealed to be one of Yuga Labs’ ‘ally NFTs’ in its Legends of The Mara game last summer.

After Yuga Labs announced the interoperability between LOTM and Serum City, Novel Labs founder and longtime BAYC member, Lior.Eth, thanked Yuga Labs for its support and for the inspiration to build!

“Serum City, the Cartel, and everything I’ve done in this space stemmed from a big belief in Yuga’s position as the best IP platform in web3,” he tweeted. “Massive thank you to our friends at @yugalabs for supporting our journey.”


 As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Apes, Mutant Hounds and Mutant Cartel Oath Takers can now claim one Serum City pass per NFT they hold and begin stealing, trading, crafting, and building their way up the Mutant Cartel ranks!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of Serum City’s launch. Stay tuned for updates!

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