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IT'S ALIVE: This Zombie CryptoPunk Sold For 550 Eth Or $1M USD. The Full Story Here:

It's alive!

This zombie CryptoPunk has been moaning and groaning across the blockchain recently as it sells for the second time in two days!

The Yugaverse is looking like a horror film as CryptoPunk #8531 made its rounds around the timeline looking for brains for the second day in a row after PunksOTC sold the undead masterpiece to MetaversalVault for 550 Eth or $1,062,000 USD.

“Today we bought a million-dollar JPEG. But why,” MetaversalVault’s pixel connoisseur tweeted in a ten part Twitter thread. “When you think of iconic digital collectibles, it doesn't get more iconic than CryptoPunks. Every trait-based PFP you see on twitter probably doesn't exist without punks getting the party started in 2017. But this isn't just a PFP project. This project represents an important moment in culture. A moment when online identity and digital ownership arrived, and escaped from subculture to a wider consciousness. We call this "Hyperculture" and it forms a cornerstone of our philosophy here at @HelloMetaversal. Punks' significance now extends beyond our little echo chamber. Major institutions such as @CentrePompidou and @LACMA are starting to take note, and are acquiring them for their permanent collections. We've been patient. Very patient. We've seen numerous opportunities to enter the punks ecosystem over the last year, but this one finally checked all of the boxes we were looking for.”

CryptoPunk #8531 is a three-attribute zombie type punk with regular shades, stringy hair, and goat facial hair. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #8531 is the 105th most punk CryptoPunk, according to Rarity Tools.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow MetaversalVault and will let you know what other NFTs they add to their collection. Stay tuned for updates!

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