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'IT'S GO TIME': Yuga Labs' Otherside GM Teased What's Next For The Metaverse

The coming weeks and months will be anything but boring across the Yugaverse as the company plans to ramp up its Otherside content and experiences, according to Yuga Labs’ Otherside General Manager, Eric Reid.

Nearly two months after Yuga Labs acquired ROAR Studios and named ROAR’s CEO, Eric Reid, as the company’s new Otherside General Manager, the GM gave the community a very warm GM in one of his first public posts and laid out what’s next for Otherside. Simply put, “It’s GO TIME,” Reid said.

“In the coming weeks and months, you are going to start to see more Otherside content and experiences and, as always, your feedback will be important to ensuring Otherside has the fun and substance you want,” Reid wrote. “It will be time to be seen and be heard in Otherside’s development, as it will when Otherside is online.

In the coming months, Reid and Yuga Labs plan to host another private Otherside showing in Europe and they plan to incorporate Otherside into Ape Fest 2023.

Reid said that he and Yuga Labs are doing all this testing and want community feedback so they can create a persistent world that doesn’t only exist, but also is meaningful. “Our hearts and souls lie in building a platform where people do things they can’t do now but want to - creatively, experientially, and economically,"he explained.

To make a persistent and meaningful Otherside a reality, Yuga Labs announced four new Otherside partners last week, Hadean, AccelByte, Bad Rhino Studios, and Faraway.

“To make it happen, and at massive scale, requires deep collaboration from creators and technologists,” Redi wrote. “As Mike Seavers noted last week, new and existing AAA partners who continue to align with us in support of our long-term goals for a persistent, interoperable Otherside, are one critical aspect for all of us.”

These teams will all be working with Yuga Labs to help Voyagers break on through to the Otherside.

As Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder Garga said last week, Yuga Labs plans to partner with a lot of teams and make the best Otherside they can.

“I want to take the best of everything and throw it into Otherside,” Garga continued. “Greedy like that tbh.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Reid and Otherside and will keep you posted on when Voyagers can journey to the metaverse again. Stay tuned for updates!

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