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It's Valentines Day Around The Swamp! Take A Look At Some Of The Lovely Festivities!

Love is in the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s swampy air this Valentine’s Day and the Yugaverse is celebrating this lovely holiday with romantic edits, love stories, and extra special gms!

Its Valentine’s Day and whether you are spending it with your significant other or your J-Pegs, there are plenty of ways to get your primate’s heart going pitter patter around the swamp! Take a look at some of the holiday festivities below:

The BAYC’s resident seamster, Nifty Tailor, has two Valentine’s Day edits available for Bored Apes and one insane edit for Mutants that are perfect for paired up primates or stag apes!

You can get your Ape ready for Valentine’s Day here:

Apes and Non-Apes can also check out Jenkins The Valet’s brand new love story featuring a pair of Azurian NFTs on a not so boring date!

The timeline is also filled with special Valentine’s from notable BAYC members like BoredSpaceApe, TheMiamiApe, DaBunny and others!

Finally, if you are looking for physical Valentines, check out these adorable BAYC themed cards that the BAYC Community Council Member SeraStarGirl made last year:


The Bored Ape Gazette wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay tuned for updates!

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John Skinner
John Skinner
Mar 21

I'm afraid that such a wise idea can only be understood by people who have experienced unsuccessful relationships. I myself fell into the same trap many times when I met girls in my youth. Now I'm only interested in fun and cool people I meet on an online dating site. And yes. After all these years, your priorities change a lot. In fact, I am more free now.

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