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Jenkins The Valet's Bored& Dangerous Book Mint Begins Tomorrow. Here's What You Need To Know:

Jenkins the Valet is set to release his highly anticipated book, “Bored& Dangerous” tomorrow morning.

“IT’S ALMOST TIME,” Jenkins tweeted earlier today. “The NFT space’s first community-generative book and instance of mass IP licensing is launching tomorrow at 10am EST.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Bored& Dangerous mint will be broken up into three separate phases, starting with phase one tomorrow morning. In total, there will be a maximum supply 20,826 of Bored& Dangerous NFTs available for mint during the three-phase mint process.

“Phase 1: Public Dutch Auction,” Jenkins tweeted. “The DA (Dutch Auction) will start at 0.8 ETH and drop .05 ETH every 15 minutes until sold out. The final resting price is .2 ETH. Anyone that mints above the sellout price receives a trustless, on-chain refund for the price difference.”

The Phase 1 Dutch Auction will be a public mint meaning that anyone will be able to participate, according to Jenkins. In total, 2,367 copies of Bored& Dangerous will be sold during this phase.

The Phase 2 of the Bored& Dangerous mint will begin shortly after Phase 1 ends.

“This will begin shortly after the Public DA ends and will be a flat fee that is 25% of the final DA price. This 48hr sale is for Writer’s Room holders (6942), licensed Apes/Mutants 4075), and winners of various WL giveaways/other communities (500),” Jenkins tweeted earlier today. “Phase 2 (WL) is designed not to sell out. The 6,942 WR members are already claiming a free book so this is a bonus for them. Many may not purchase. WE WILL BE BURNING THE UNMINTED NFTS FROM PHASE 2.”

The third and final phase of the Bored& Dangerous mint will be a free claim period for Writers Room NFT holders. Phase 3 will begin on July 13th and end on July 20th, according to Jenkins.

“Phase 3 is a 7-day period, and you can mint at your leisure based on gas prices,” Jenkins said. “There is no incentive to mint early. Writers - the time is upon us. We are so excited for this moment. This means so much for our whole community. We cannot thank you enough.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins and the Tally Labs team and will keep you informed on the project. For more details on tomorrow’s Bored& Dangerous mint, be sure to check out Jenkins the Valet’s Twitter @jenkinsthevalet.

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