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JOINT VENTURE: These Made By Apes Brands Are Dropping Their Mega OG Marijuana Strain Tomorrow!

Made By Apes Business Raw Genetics and Mega Robot's joint venture is dropping tomorrow, and Bored Ape Yacht Club members won't want to puff-puff pass up on their chance to get an insane high, thanks to the duo's dope seeds!


4:20 around the swamp will be anything but boring tomorrow as Raw Genetics releases its Mega Robot inspired ‘Mega OG’ seedline that’s so easy to grow even an Ape could do it!


“Mega OG is a blend of classic Skywalker, OG, Kush and the new age Pavé, which carries many of the classic OG Kush markers and profiles but is a slightly better built plant with improved structure and branching,” Raw Genetics told the Gazette. “This is a feminized seed line which makes it really easy to jump into and get hunting even for new growers and enthusiast.”


Raw Genetics ‘Mega OG’ pack will include not only some insane seeds but also a mega sticker pack to commemorate this collaboration, as well as a Raw Genetics pin!



“Building on the Mega Robot IP with the best breeder and best designer feels awesome,” Mega Robot told the paper. “We had a blast and hope the community likes it. Made By Apes license for the collaboration. Mega OG strain going to hit hard.”


Tomorrow’s drop will be Raw Genetics first step into swamp and the company hopes to cultivate a relationship with more Apes and bring cannabis culture to the Web3 world.


“For us at Raw Genetics and mega robot / farmhouse we think that it's important as a community we help spread the intellectual property as far as we can where it fits well,” Raw Genetics saidl “With this collaboration we can reach enthusiast of all kinds while blending web 3 and cannabis culture together. We are very excited to bring this special release of mega OG to all sides of the culture. This is the first genetics Collab in the ape community but I’m sure it will not be the last.”


Apes and non-Apes who are interested in purchasing a Mega OG pack tomorrow can do so via Raw Genetics website here: or through Neptune Seed Bank here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Raw Genetics and Mega Robot and will let you know what these Apes do next!

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