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Kodas will "Decouple" From Their Otherdeeds Before The Legends Of The Mara Game Begins

Kodas will be decoupling from their Otherdeeds soon, according to new information released by Yuga Labs.

On Monday, Yuga Labs released tons of new information on its upcoming Otherside 2D Standalone experience, The Legends Of The Mara; and with it announced the highly anticipated Koda decoupling.

“Introducing Legends of the Mara, a 2D experience with its own companion collection," Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta Twitter account. “Claim your Vessel, discover its potential, and forge your path. Otherdeeds with a Koda will be able to decouple in advance of the game launch.”

In Yuga Labs’ OthersideMeta thread tonight, the company announced that Voyagers will learn more about Kodas and their origins during the Legends Of The Mara stroyline.

“With it, we’re going to learn more about Kodas, including their origins and their primal relationship with Otherside, encounter some new apprentices in the form of the Mara, and learn more about the story of Otherside throughout LOTM. Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. In Legends of the Mara, they are by far the most adept when it comes to farming, enchanting, and hunting,” Yuga Labs tweeted.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the decoupling is the third part of the 11-part Voyagers Journey storyline of the Otherside.

“A cosmic earthquake shakes up our universe, bringing with it a vision into the Kodas’ past and an opportunity for Voyagers to decouple their Otherdeeds’ constituent parts,” Yuga Labs wrote on its Otherside.Xyz website. “Where do the Kodas and their artifacts go from here? Voyagers decide.”

At this time, it is unclear exactly when the Koda decoupling will begin but we do know that the claim period for vessels begins in early April, according to Yuga Labs’ FAQ Page.

This is important because this Vessel claim page appears to have Kodas, Vessels, and Otherdeeds on separate cards, or decoupled from one another.

Based on this information, the Koda decoupling could happen very soon.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Legends Of The Mara storyline and will keep you up to date on the Koda decoupling. Stay tuned for updates!

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