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LA& Miami Apes Are Coming Together To Throw A Bored Banger Dubbed "OtherBlock." All The Details Here

As Bored Ape Yacht club members get ready for Art Basel next month, two of the most engaged communities in the swamp have come together to throw a bored banger to kick off a boring weekend in Miami.

Yesterday evening, BAYC member Swickie and notable artist Roc Sol took to Twitter and announced the first ever community lead BAYC themed art and music festival, “Other Block.”

The event will feature live mural painting, performances by Spottie WIFI, a Bored& Hungry pop up restaurant, Happy Dads, among several other BAYC themed events, foods and attractions.

OtherBlock co-lead Swickie told the Gazette that she is looking forward to bringing LA and Miami Apes together to celebrate the community they love.

“OtherBlock is a collab from LA to Miami between @projroadmapx @SpaceDustHQ to create a special experience for the BAYC-MAYC with community built-in," she said. "Our team curated activations like live painting murals, all utilizing IP owned by the artists or community members, live performances, as well as food & drink, all geared toward or by the BAYC family. We are grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate together and create a unique experience!”

As Apes plan to travel far and wide to attend Miami’s Art Basel this year, OtherBlock co-lead Roc-Sol told the Gazette that it feels right to be bringing apes together Here in Miami.

“Art Basel marks one year of being in the Web 3 space for me," he said. “I knew I wanted to curate an experience to celebrate the impact this year has had on me as an artist but also bring the BAYC community together for a Art Basel experience in a unique way. When I connected with Swickie and Peter, I saw that by combining forces we were going to be able to create an amazing experience for the community that celebrates art, music and BAYC. My journey started with Bored Apes and it felt right ending the year celebrating with them with this experience. We can’t wait to see everyone at the OtherBlock!"

The OtherBlock event will be held in Wynwood on December 2nd from 5 P.M.- 12 A.M..Tickets for this event will be released Monday November 21st via Tokenproof, according to Swickie.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the OtherBlock event and will bring you live coverage from it next month!

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