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'LAST CALL': Bored Brewing Co. Is Looking To Add A Few More NFTs To Its Taproom Mural!

Things are anything but boring in the Great White North as Bored Brewing Co. looks for a few more non-fungible tokens to become permanent barflies at its in-real-life taproom in Calgary, which is set to open next month!

Before BAYC members and Web3 enthusiasts take off to Canada for Bored Brewing Co.’s BrewFest from June 21-23, Web3 enjoyers, whether attending the event or not, can purchase a permanent spot on the walls of this bored bar for their Apes or NFTs!


"LAST CALL ,” Bored Brewing Co., tweeted today. “There’s still time to get your PFP displayed on the walls of the taproom!”



As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, To get your Ape or other NFT on the wall, you can either purchase a 24 pack of booze from Bored Brewing here and possibly win one of the five open spots, or you can send 69 $Ape to “theboredbrewingcompany.eth” and guarantee your asset a seat at the bar.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Brewing Co’s Taproom grand opening and will let you know which NFTs are displayed at the bar. Stay tuned for updates!

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