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LAST CHANCE: The Window To Possibly Get You Ape Fest 2023 Satellite Event Funded Closes Tonight!

The window for Bored Ape Yacht Club members to submit their satellite Ape Fest 2023 plans to the BAYC community Council and possibly get funding for their events closes tonight at midnight!

The BAYC is hosting its third Ape Fest this November and the BAYC Community Council wants as many Apes as possible to be able to meet up with their online Ape friends in real life this November, even if they cannot make it all the way to Hong Kong!

“Our 'BAYC Council Apefest Grant' goal is to encourage community members who are unable to attend Apefest HK to gather and network with each other during Apefest (November 3rd-5th)-- and bring the celebration outside of HK,” the BAYC Council tweeted on September 27th. “While there’s no restriction on how much funds you can apply for, large grants are less likely to be 100% covered, if approved, as our goal is to support as many ape communities around the world as possible.”

Last month, Yuga Labs’ Community and Partnership Lead, IllaDaProducer, suggested that BAYC members across the globe host events such as Dim Sum Restaurant Dinners, Brunches, and West Coast all nighters that could run in tandem with Ape Fest 2023!

BAYC members who would like to submit an idea to the Council and possibly receive funding for it can fill out an application here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Ape Fest 2023 and will let you know about the satellite events once the Council decides which ones to fund. Stay tuned for updates!

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