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Linkin Park Singer, Mike Shinoda, Has Joined The Bored Ape Yacht Club

Another musician has aped in and joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club!

Linkin Park singer and pianist Mike Shinoda decided in the end all that mattered was joining the BAYC as he changed his twitter profile to a Mutant Ape.

The popular singer did not post a tweet regarding his profile photo change, but BAYC member Ipano noticed and informed the community. "Just saw that @mikeshinoda is a mutant," he tweeted.

Shinoda's Twitter profile photo is now Mutant Ape #7804. Shinoda was transferred Mutant Ape #7804 from Opensea user DK99 last week on September 5th, according to Opensea records.

Mutant Ape #7804 is a six trait mutant serum 2 ape with golden brown fur, a bored unshaven mouth and a leather jacket. Based on these traits, Mutant Ape #7804 is the 1367 most rare mutant ape, according to Rarity Tools.

While Mutant Ape #7804 is Shinoda’s Twitter profile photo he is not his only mutant ape. In total, the singer has 6 mutant apes. Five of them Shinoda minted himself, based on Opensea data.

NFTs and crypto are not new to Shinoda. Based on his Opensea data, Shinoda has been buying selling and minting NFTs since February 6, 2021. Recently, Shinoda started a Discord server specifically to talk NFTs and more. “New @discord server is up and running, he tweeted on September 8th. “Come join the chat and say hello You can join different channels for all kinds of conversations including music, art, NFTs and more. Join now:

Find out more about Shinoda’s Mutant Apes below:

Number: 7804

Serum: M2

Fur: Golden Brown

Clothing: Leather Jacket

Other: Bored Unshaven Cigar

Number: 3614

Serum: M1

Fur: Golden Brown

Clothing: None

Other: Prussian Helmet

Number: 3794

Serum: M2

Fur: Black

Clothing: BAYC T Red

Other: Bowler Hat

Number: 3618

Serum : M1

Fur: Pink

Clothing: Kings Robe

Other: Bored Cigarette

Number: 3617

Serum: M1

Fur: Noise

Clothing: Work Vest

Other: Rage Mouth

Number: 3615

Serum: M2

Fur: Dark Brown

Clothing: Bone Necklace

Other: Vietnam Era Helmet

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