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Llama Co-Founder Gave The ApeCoin Community A Timeline For Its Staking Bug Bounty Program:

Llama, the company that’s spearheading the ApeCoin DAO’s staking bug bounty program, launched its program today and gave the community an expected timeline on the initiative earlier this week.

Llama Co-Founder Austin Green took to the ApeCoin Discourse earlier this week and introduced himself and his company to the community.

In his message to the community, Green laid out the eight things that he and his company will be doing during the bug bounty program. 1.Write the program overview so whitehats have as much context as possible

2. Determine bounty rewards and classify their impact based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System - v2.2

3.Determine what specific impacts are in-scope of the bug bounty program and explicitly communicate which impacts are out of scope

4.Set the rules for the program to ensure whitehats are acting in good faith and we don’t promote any negative behavior

5.Review bug submissions and escalate based on severity

6.Provide a great experience for whitehats by answering all questions and processing successful identifications quickly

7.Adjust the program if needed

8.Keep the community updated on the status and effectiveness of the program

Along with explaining what Llama will be doing during the bug bounty program, Green also gave the community his expected timeline for the program.

11/10/22-11/24/22: The bug bounty program for the Goerli testnet staking system smart contract goes live. The program will run for 2 weeks.

11/24/22: The staking contract is deployed to mainnet…

11/24/22-12/8/22: Users will have 2 weeks to pre-commit their tokens and NFT for staking.

12/8/22: Bugs will be addressed as they are reported. Assuming there are no critical or high severity findings, the contract will be funded, and rewards will begin accruing.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the bug bounty program and will keep you posted on how it goes. Stay tuned for updates!

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