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  • Writer's pictureKyle

Logan Paul Aped Into The BAYC, After Purchasing A Pair Of DMT Apes For 67 Eth

Youtuber and boxer, Logan Paul, has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“I broke @BoredApeyc,” Paul tweeted late Friday night along with a pair of DMT apes he purchased.

After the tweet, Bored Apes were quick to welcome Paul into the community.

“We all broke,” BAYC member Arnold Poernomo tweeted. “Sup fam! DMTs pretty lit.”

Paul’s new bored apes are Bored Ape #1442 and Bored Ape #207.

Bored Ape #1442 is a six trait DMT fur ape with a sea captains hat and 3D glasses. Paul’s other ape, Bored Ape #207, is a five trait DMT fur ape with a black t-shirt and heart shaped glasses. In total, Paul spent 67 Eth or about $214,000 USD on his pair of apes.

“DMT GANG let's go," BAYC member and DMT ape 0xWave tweeted after Paul’s purchase.

After Paul’s tweet even DMT apes rivals, the Cheetah Gang, put aside their differences to welcome Paul to the BAYC. “Welcome to your new home,” BAYC Member and Cheetah fur bored ape Accumul8 tweeted.

Paul is a 26 year-old Youtuber and most recently fought Floyd Mayweather. Paul also has his own clothing line, Maverick Clothing.

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