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LOOK WHO'S BAYC: Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga Returned As The CEO Of Yuga Labs Today

Look whose BAYC! Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder Garga announced that he was wedding dancing his way back into the top job at Yuga Labs in a surprise announcement earlier today.

14 months after Garga announced that Activision Blizzard’s former Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Alegre, would be Yuga Labs’ next CEO, Garga took to the timeline and announced that he was is ape-ing back into the role and that Yuga Labs would have a more cryptonative focus going forward.

“Some news to share: I am stepping back in as CEO of Yuga Labs,” Garga tweeted. “Wylie and I are grateful for all the contributions and operational rigor Daniel has brought to the company, and appreciate his thoughtfulness and mentorship over the past year. I’m reinvigorated to be taking the reins for our next chapter. Looking at what’s ahead for Yuga, we need to execute with a more cryptonative focus across the entire company.”

To get Yuga Labs back to BAYC-ICs and incorporate a cryptonative focus across the Yugaverse, Garga said that he and the team will be making BAYC into its own subsidiary company, BAYC LLC.

Next, they're swinging for the fences with Otherside and making fun games like Dookey Dash that millions of people can enjoy while also creating opportunities for creators and pro gamers. Garga also teased that they will be introducing 'Cryptonative mechanics and platforms, like [redacted].'

“We’re going on three years since Yuga was founded, and we couldn’t be more excited about some of the stuff we’ve got in the pipeline,” Garga teased. “Extremely grateful for the team that’s assembled here across all our brands. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I couldn’t imagine doing it with any other team, or any other community of builders. Thanks for your support. For those who will be there, I’ll see you at NFT Paris.”

Following Garga's announcement, Alegre took to Twitter and thanked the community for a year that was anything but boring.

"Please see the news below of the announcement I just made internally to our Yuga Labs employees. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to lead this great team and to have connected globally with so many community members. Yuga has such a bright future."

 While Alegre's time as CEO may be over, he assured folks that he's still an Ape.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of Garga’s return as CEO of Yuga Labs and will keep you posted on what the company does next. Stay tuned for updates!

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Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
Jun 30

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