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LOOKING BORED IN LISBON: BAYC Members Can Pre-Order An ApeFest Merch Bundle For $85 USD

Apes will be looking good in Lisbon after the Bored Ape Yacht Club shared its pre-order ApeFest merch bundles, featuring an exclusive ApeFest tee, some tube socks, and a BAYC-branded disposable camera that's perfect for making memories with your fellow primates.


It was fit check Friday around the swamp as the BAYC announced that Apes cold skip the lines at ApeFest and  pre-order an ApeFest merch bundle today and pick it up in Lisbon in October!


The Merch is Calling. There are now three ways to shop for ApeFest merch including an exclusive  Pre-Order Bundle that is currently live.



Each merch bundle costs $85 USD to pre-order and comes with an ApeFest shirt with a giant skull on the back, a pair of ApeFest socks with an ape skull on the side and 'ApeFest' on the sole, and an ApeFest-branded old-school disposable camera.



In the article, the BAYC explained that members can either pre-order their merch bundle between now and July 12th and pick it up when they sign into ApeFest 2024. Apes will also have the chance to order these pieces online during ApeFest or check out the merch store and browse in person.



The BAYC also teased that there will be more ApeFest merch at ApeFest and that everyone in the club will be able to pick up some swag online regardless of whether they make it out to Lisbon.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC’s fourth annual ApeFest will be taking place in Lisbon Portugal from October 18-20th. 

Like last year’s ApeFest in Hong Kong, this year’s festivities will consist of citywide community events centered around an ‘ApeFest’ headquarters at a former Portuguese Covent called Convento do Beato, and a party at the LX Factory. Take a look at these two venues below:


 Convento do Beato


LX Factory


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ApeFest 2024 and will keep you posted on the event’s waitlist. Stay tuned for updates!

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