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LOOKING BORED: The Ladies Of BAYC Just Rebranded And Launched Its Ladies Of The YC Line Of Merch!

The Ladies of BAYC is celebrating the group's rebrand this holiday season with a new line of female merch that’s bored and fabulous!

Things were anything but boring around the swamp last week as the Ladies of BAYC christened their relaunch as the Ladies of the YC with the release of the group’s new line of female fits!

“Drawn from the exciting rebranding of Ladies of the YC, our newest collection speaks to growth and empowerment,” Ladies of BAYC Co-Founder Bored NeNe told the Gazette. “,' Each piece not only highlights our togetherness but also captures the humor of an inside joke from our early days. It's more than just Merch; it's a woven tale of acceptance, identity, and shared moments in our collective journey.”

From customizable jerseys featuring the girl’s Apes to black and tie dye crop tops ,v necks, and tote bags, the Ladies of BAYC’s new line has something for every bored lady around the swamp!

Along with these items for female holders, the Ladies of The YC collection also includes the perfect piece for the ladies of BAYC’s male ‘plus ones!’

“While our focus is on celebrating the ladies, we haven't forgotten about the guys,” Bored NeNe told the Gazette. “The "Her Plus One Tee" is our stylish acknowledgment of the incredible men who stand alongside us in this journey. It's also a delightful nod to an insider joke among the ladies. During the early days of the club, at every event we attended, there was a running assumption that we were automatically the plus ones.”

You can purchase the new 'Ladies of the YC' merch from the Ladies of BAYC until December 1st on the group’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Ladies of BAYC and will keep you posted on their Ladies of the YC rebrand and what they do next! Stay tuned for updates!

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