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MADE BY APES: Bored& Thirsty'sAlkaline Water Is Now Available At Gelson's Markets In Southern California Stores!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members cruising down the Golden Coast this Memorial Day Weekend should keep their eyes peeled for Made By Apes beverage brand Bored& Thirsty after it recently aped into Southern California’s Gelson's Markets earlier this week!

Move over Liquid Death and ArrowHead because MBA brand Bored& Thirsty’s alkaline water featuring Web3 art from around the swamp is officially on Gelson’s store shelves!

“Bored & Thirsty alkaline water with electrolytes is now on shelf at all Gelson’s stores from LA to San Diego,” the brand’s Founder LowSea tweeted on Friday. “Go buy some art water, get inspired, and look for some magic on specially designed cans!”

“Bored & Thirsty’s collaboration with Gelson’s is big news because it’s the first up-scale grocery chain in Southern California to carry our sustainable alkaline water with electrolytes,” LowSea told the Gazette. “This partnership expands our retail network to over 1,500 stores throughout the U.S.”

While California based Apes can now pick up a can of Bored& Thirsty at Gelson’s, everyone else around the swamp can support the brand and purchase a four pack of Bored& Thirsty via Amazon here:


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about Bored& Thirsty. Stay tuned for updates!

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May 26

Thanls for info!

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