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MADE BY APES: This BAYC Member Is Selling Shirts Reimagining Apes In Disney's Classic Steamboat Willie Scene!

After Disney’s 1928 Steamboat Willie cartoon became part of the public domain this morning, Bored Ape Yacht Club member Keezi launched his Made By Apes custom SteamBoat Willie Tee collection, reimagining the animated short as an insane Ape Adventure!


The whistles are blowing in the world of art and entertainment this morning after Disney’s Steamboat Willie, which features Mickey Mouse, finally sailed into the public domain after 96 years!

To commemorate this historic moment in art history, BAYC member and artist, Keezi, is giving BAYC/ MAYC members the chance to put their primates intoa mutated version of the classic scene!


“Just cooked up something E L I T E for the Ape fam,” Keezi tweeted. Steamboat Willie's in the public domain, and we're rolling with it. How about your #BAYC or #MAYC in that classic style? On our luxe shirts, no less! Get your Ape looking fresh and historic!”



In total, Keezi is making 50 BAYC or MAYC custom t-shirts that will feature buyers’ primates captaining a mutated steamboat similar to the one Mickey Mouse captained all those years ago!


"The idea for the yacht came from my fascination with mutant traits, leading me to imagine what a Mutant Ape’s Yacht would look like,” Keezi told the Gazette.


Apes who are interested in purchasing a t shirt can do so here for $99.99 USD:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Keezi and will let you know what he does next!

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