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MAKE A CHOICE: Voyagers Will Have To Choose Which Vessel To Nest First In Legends Of The Mara

As Voyagers get ready to break on through to the Otherside in Yuga Labs’ Legends of The Mara next week, they need to start thinking about which type of vessel to nest first!

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs announced that its highly anticipated strategy game, Legends of The Mara, will begin on September 26th and the company’s VP of Product, CFort9, reiterated the importance of the first Vessel that Voyagers choose to nest on their land in a nine-part Twitter thread.

“For most players, the first week in LOTM will be about incubating and hatching your first Mara, he wrote. “This first season is all about preparing for the challenges ahead, so it’s ok to take your time. There will be many seasons you can use to develop your capabilities.”

CFort9 went on to give readers new details about Hunter type Vessels which become Hunter Maras after they’re nested and why it’s important to fight the Shattered in the game.

“Why fight the Shattered? Well obviously it's your duty to defend your deeds,” he wrote. “And for Otherside, the Shattered exist at the boundaries of things. They are agents of chaos but also represent our themes of interoperability and connection. Shattered loot has a fixed quantity each season but there will be many seasons in the Open Beta. The Shattered can drop 1) incredible ship parts that will be key to exploring Otherside in the full release of LOTM and 2) NFTs from our partners. This Open Beta is the first step towards a dynamic, player-driven game economy. The next step is an upcoming feature for minting harvested Fragments as 1155s. This will help you prepare for the release of Catalysts and the Catalysis process.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, LOTM will begin with Voyagers having to choose on whether they should nest a Hunter, Farmer, or Enchanter Vessel on their Otherdeeds first.

“The strategy behind Legends of the Mara starts with the decisions we make as collectors,” Tucker wrote on Yuga Labs’ blog in May,2023. “The game embraces a variety of different play styles, each with their own strategic advantages. The decisions you make as a Voyager will not only guide your journey but will influence the experience of other players in the ecosystem.”

Remember, Farmer Maras work towards finding sediment fragments and a Seasonal Catalyst to transform Maras into a more powerful Kodamara, Hunter Maras fight the Shattered and collect treasure, and Enchanter Maras boost Hunter, and Famer Maras ability perform their duties.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, in order to participate in Legends of the Mara next week, Voyagers must burn their Otherdeeds for Yuga Labs’ new dynamic Otherdeed collection dubbed “Otherdeed Expanded.”

By burning their original Otherdeeds, Voyagers will receive a new Otherdeed expanded NFT along with either a Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter Vessel that they can nest once LOTM begins on September 26th.

“Otherdeed Expanded is your key to unlocking future gameplay experiences and activations, including Otherside: Legends of the Mara,” Yuga Labs wrote in a press release in April 2023. “Otherside will be best experienced using dynamic NFTs that can change over time. The new smart contract will offer Voyagers who choose to burn their original Otherdeed NFT access to Yuga’s new gaming experiences and activations outside of Otherside (the game). Two key components of Legends of the Mara are the use of Otherside Koda NFTs and Otherside Vessel NFTs, which will be integral pieces to playing the game. Throughout the course of gameplay, there will be opportunities to earn new entitlements, upgrade existing entitlements, and evolve entitlements earned, which we’ll learn more about closer to the release date of Legends of the Mara.”

For more information on claiming a Vessel and burning an Otherdeed for an Otherdeed Expanded NFT, please visit Yuga Labs’ website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more information about today’s LOTM announcement. Stay tuned for updates!

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