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Many BAYC Members Are Eligible To Claim 646 $Botto Tokens. Find Out More Here:

Bored Ape Yacht Club members have been claiming this art projects token and making some serious Eth.

BAYC members who were in the club between June 22- July 14, or former members between those dates are eligible to receive at least 646 Botto tokens. At the time of this articles publication, the current price for a Botto token is $2.58, according CoinGecko.

At the current market price, eligible apes’ Botto claim is worth $1,666,68 USD or .427 Eth. The price of Botto has went up 4X since the Bored Ape Gazette’s original report on the project.

Full disclosure, the Bored Ape Gazette sold its coins but has plans to purchase more in the future.

Botto is “a decentralized autonomous artist governed by the people, “according to the projects website. Apes that are interested in learning more about the project and claiming their airdrop can check out the project here: In order to receive their airdrop, apes will need to connect their wallet to Botto’s website. Apes who have moved their NFTs to new wallets may need to check all of them in order to determine which one is eligible for the tokens.

Many prominent bored apes and members of the BAYC community have aped into Botto and claimed their reward. BAYC member Franklin, ElectionDayMad1, was one of the first apes to inform the community on the Botto project.

“If you own a blue chip NFT, go to (@bottoproject) and see if you’re eligible for a token airdrop, Franklin tweeted. “I was able to claim 1893 $BOTTO and just sold it for $ETH. Yet another benefit of investing in NFTs. NFA”

Since that tweet, many apes and members of the NFT community have tweeted that they to claimed their reward and it was safe. When asked how to tell safe projects from potential scams, Franklin offered some solid advice.

“My advice is don’t be first lol,” he tweeted. “Just research the token and see who’s owning, buying, selling, etc.”

Since then tons of apes have claimed their coins and many are even purchasing more Botto. “I think I did a little too much digging in $BOTTO last night , I’m bullish,” BAYC member Drangonseller tweeted earlier today.

Always remember to do your own research and ape responsibly!

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