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MC-APES: This bored Ape Yacht Club Member Wants To Make A Physical Toy Collection Of Happy Meal Primates

Ba da ba ba ba, I'm Ape'n it.

Bored Ape Yacht Club member and Rich Aroma Coffee Shop owner, Racs, has been toying with the idea of a Bored Ape-themed Happy Meal toy collection and started making some figurines for his frens with the help of Dall-E!

After opening his own NFT-themed coffee shop in Honduras earlier this month, BAYC member Racs is looking into making Bored Ape toys.


“Who can mass-produce Happy Meal-style toys but with apes,” Racs tweeted earlier this week along with a Dall E generated image of his happy meal ape.. “I am sure ALL BAYC/MAYC-themed businesses like BorednHungry, borednstone, Bored Barbers, coloring books, etc would adopt these to attract the kids and collectors' attention.”



After his tweet, Racs gave his fellow primates the same mc-treatment, reimaging their Apes as Happy Meal figurines.


Two days after his first tweet about a collection of Happy Meal Apes, Racs shared his thoughts on how Yuga Labs could do this!


“I got an idea on how Yuga can provide value to @BoredApeYC holders, he tweeted. “Produce happy meal-style toy collectibles that can be ordered monthly ONLY by MBA companies. Benefits: •IP license deals for holders. •BAYC/MAYC rarity ranking determines quantity produced of a particular ape. •Bring back Apes vs Mutants & DooKeyDash, where top prizes are rarest toy collectibles. •This creates a secondary market •Incentivizes collectors to visit MBA businesses. •MBA owners can provide a combo or bundle deal that includes a cool toy for kids and collectors. Who at @yugalabs can help make this happen?”



As Racs continues to play with how to bring this toy line to life, he told the Gazette that he’s more than happy to Mc-Ape any BAYC member’s primate as a happy meal collectible!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and will let you know if and when these toys become a reality. Stay tuned for updates!

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