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MECH MELEE: Animoca Brands' Wreck League Founders Cup Tournament Is Tomorrow. Here's Who's Competing

Are you ready to rumble?!

This weekend, eight Web3 founders and gamers are powering up their Mechs and an entering Animoca Brands’ Wreck League arena to compete in the first ever Wreck League Founders Cup tournament!

This Saturday, the Web3 space is in for an evening of strikes, swipes, and submissions as Mocaverse’s Yat Siu, Yuga Labs’ Spencer Tucker, Cool Cats’ Clon, RealThirdWeb’s Jonah, nWay’s TK, ON1 Force’s StarLordy, DEGODS’ Frank, and Sappy Seals’ Wab face off in a single-elimination Mech Melee with hundreds of Wreck League fighting robots up for grabs for their communities!

Here's who's battling whom in the first round of tomorrow's contest:

Yat Siu Representing the Mocaverse Vs. Clon Representing Cool Cats

TK Representing nWay Vs. StarLordy Representing ON1 Force

Jonah Representing RealThirdWeb Vs. Spencer Tucker Representing Yuga Labs

Frank Representing DEGODS Vs. Wab Representing Sappy Seals

Check out the Founders Cup Tournament bracket below:

Animoca Brands’ Wreck League Tournament begins tomrrow at 9 P.M. EST and everyone in Web3 space can tune in and support their favorite Founder via Twitch and YouTube below!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wreck League and will bring live updates from this weekend’s Founders Cup Tournament!

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