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MEEBIN MONDAY: Yuga Labs Leadership Changed Their Profile Photos To Meebits!

It was a Meebin Monday around the Yugaverse as several Yuga Labs’ c-suite executives changed their Twitter profile photos to Meebits.

On Monday, Yuga Labs CEO, Daniel Alegre, Yuga Labs Chief Creative Officer, Michael Figge, and Yuga Labs Otherside General Manager, Eric Reid changed their profile phots from a Bored Ape, a Gucci Grail, and a Mega Koda to Meebits!

After Alegre changed his profile photo, he quote tweeted Yuga Labs Gaming’s latest post about the project’s Creator Mode in Dookey Dash: Unclogged saying ‘Come as you are....”

While we do not know what these Meebin moves mean, we do know that many in the Voxel community were happy to see Yuga Labs leadership rocking Meebits.


As we wait to find out more about the Meebits, lets take a closer look at Alegre, Figge and Reid’s new voxel PFPs!


Alegre’s new Meebit PFP is Meebit #11849 that was transferred from Yuga Labs to Alegre 24 days ago. Meebit #11849 is a 10 trait Human Meebit with a mustache, a skull tee, Elvis glasses, and red plaid pants.



Figge’s new Meebit PFP is Meebit #14871 that he purchased over a year ago from BAYC member 0Kenneth. Meebit #14871 is a nine trait human tyoe Meebit with a suit shirt, cargo pants, and Elvis glasses.

Reid’s new Meebit PFP is Meebit #5253 that was transferred to him from Yuga Labs four months ago. Meebit #5253 is a 14 trait Human meebit with headphones, a heart hoodie, and nerdsy glasses.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow these recent PFP changes and will keep you posted on all things Meebits. Stay tuned for updates!

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