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Meebits Can Now Express Their Moods On The BlockChain!

The Meebits are expressing themselves on the blockchain after Yuga Labs’ recent update to the voxel collection.

On Wednesday, Yuga Labs celebrated the Meebit second birthday by debuting the second phase of the projects MB1 roadmap.

“It’s our 2nd birthday,” the Meebits project tweeted this afternoon. “Mood: HYPE. And a little DAZED. And kinda SPICY, tbh. MB1.2 is here, giving you a new way to bring your PFP to life. Get started at and check out the vid to see how it works.”

Along with giving the Meebits community the ability to bring their voxel character to life, Yuga Labs also made it possible for holders to express their moods via the blockchain!

“Mood: ZOOMIN over to @opensea,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its Meebits Twitter account along with gif of a flying voxel. “Meebs can now save their Mood via a gasless signature on Your saved Mood will be displayed on marketplaces with HTML-enabled viewers (without altering metadata).”

“Meebits are the ideal NFT avatars,” Yuga Labs’ Meebits Brand Lead Danny Greene said. “With Living PFPs, holders can now choose a mood for their Meebit that will be reflected on marketplaces with HTML-viewers, like OpenSea. This form of self-expression is an exciting step forward for NFTs.”

Take a look at some of the moods that Meebits can express on the blockchain:

Following today’s Meebits update, Opensea said that the company is excited for NFTs to come to life and be more than just J-Pegs!

“At OpenSea, we’re always looking for ways to enable innovation and creativity that allow creators and communities to express themselves,” OpenSea’s Creator and Web3 partnerships lead said. “OpenSea’splatform is built for the type of interactivity and expression illustrated by Meebits’ Living PFPs and Yuga Labs — a demonstration that helps prove that profile picture NFTs can be more versatile than a static image."

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the Meebits new moods and moves! Stay tuned for updates!

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