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MEET THE CANDIDATE: TheFatherOfAllStorms Is Running For Marketing and Comms Working Group Steward

Bored Ape Yacht Club Member and Apecoin DAO Contributor TheFatherOfAllStorms has been spreading the word about ApeCoin at conferences and building in this ecosystem since the early days of the DAO. Now, she is looking to become an official voice of the community as they run to be one of the DAO’s first Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards!

The winter election season of 2023 is underway at the ApeCoin DAO, with six ApeCoin DAO contributors running to be the community’s first two Marketing and Communications working Group Stewards.

Among the candidates vying for this position is TheFatherOfAllStorms.

“Our Apecoin token & DAO is getting bigger every day and we have to merge more aligned big and small ecosystems to bring us more value & reward of all kind,” she wrote on her candidate page. “The importance of properly promote it in the way that other more DEFI or Creative Builders understand - this aligns with me. Im not a screamer or like they say payed shiller - I am the professional with in most cases necessary certifications and experience not just in product sales or support - but what is already being developed and how i can connect us to it all.”

To find out more about FatherOfAllStorms and why she’s the right $Ape to be a Marketing and Communications Working Group Steward, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to her for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two why are you running for this position?

“I’m really passionate about this kind of position. The neutrality of the individual & knowledge or the technology I are very crucial here. On top of that, I speak multiple languages and live in several regions across the planet, which endorses my skill in alignment with people, cultural nuances and work ethics.”

2. What does Marketing and Comms mean to you?

“Obviously It’s important to not have anyone with hidden agenda for this position or treat it as extra cash flow opportunity. Besides Ethics is important to keep up with what is going on in WEB3 and latest developments in its core, understanding the benefits for the DAO and be ready for any upcoming questions to you about DEFI & Platforms, politics & regulations.”

3. What ideas or initiatives would you like to implement at the DAO?

“I’m a part of many and even more internationally, I’m still and Apple developer as well and still go to all major events there and tech events internationally, specially fully online ones. I’m invited to a lot of web3 events and conferences and try making the major ones in person. Nft ones are not so important, there is no actually development there being presented and it’s important for WG to make sure they are laser focused on developments and not just vibes. I can tell you that there is a lot of vibes at dev events and private gatherings and. It’s fun too, just not as boring) . Every time I’m there I can’t stop looking for Apecoin opportunities and taking about our DAO. After my last speech at the Ethereum Denver event I had a line of people forming ones I was coming down. I just feel it’s such a perfect token! It’s already on 3 blockchains and we already seen some utility developments for it. I can’t wait to onboard more pros that can build things for us! They are all endemic and know what they doing plus can bring us revenue. I want to do an Apecoin festival where I bridge the vibes of the pros with the DAO members and Apecoin holders. I’m already talking to some folks about it. Or at list partial fest and do some milestones that were not a pump listed due to singular platforms usage versus direct connect with the proper individually on those topics. We all know about twitter bubble and twitch/YouTube watchers that don’t do nothing about the information provided.”

4.Why are you the right person for the job? How has your past experiences prepared you for this?

“As you know, I went deeper into web3 deployments, from testing chins to white peepers of the DAOs, preassemblies for them , including ours and be a WG0 here, I became a beta tester for web3 apps and extensions and wallets and games, before I also keeper up with latest tech and it’s possibilities and part of several organizations and clubs. Right now just in my hometown Boston, we have more then 35 blockchains clubs & associations. A lot of people know me. I went on one of the stages after many days in a city with no nice clothing left to wear - I went wearing ape sweatpants and lay of 2 shorts gifted to me by app I was testing and undershirt from Hypermoon where I broke a web3 game. Everyone was there to listen on what I had to say, and no one left the juice pavilion, bit like some major NFTs shills that someone made it to the speakers there as fillers. I’m recognized walking on the streets, and no one cares about my Twitter handle, they only care the knowledge I brings and solutions and can provide, the company direction and development I can make for them and how this all will be full or partial web3 for them. Right now, we have zero people in the DAO who does this. So I just want to make my work more official here. And I do a lot of my private events, my famous tea parties (you will be surprised how many folks don’t drink Alcohol although It’s everywhere). In Breckenridhe post conference retreats I did 3days long even and some, people were coming in and out of my hotel apartment salon all day and event and some, we shared latest early stages pre-developments, VCs looking on who to fund & I talked a lot about ApeCoin. And this is the way to go about it, everything hitting twitter now - I knew about it and tested it first betas more than half a year ago. Literally everything. Even some games that were silently dropped. About Atari ones I knew after the huge PAXEST here in Boston when I went to them to talk about web3. ETFs and blockchain securities - this was not a secret; we have meeting with federal bank & MIT dev blockchain department working with project Hamilton organized by Boston Blockchain Association. And so, on and on.”

5. What kind of budget do you plan to ask the community for and how do you plan to get it passed?

“Do I need a money to be able to go everywhere and keep doing what I’m doing - yes, can more things be sped up and more opportunities found and developed with more budget - yes. But I think it’s important to give options and make voters select them depending on the time and what they feel like those priorities this or other week should be. I’m saying week - because things at web3 going fast and I had several months this year with zero days off.”

6. What does success look like for this Working Group and where do you hope to see this group a year from now?

“Let’s get out of your comfy bro style non ergonomic non endemic vibes chain and go search for the ways of our expansion. And keep in mind - it’s not about you, it never was, no one cares about your physical or digital shill, everyone cares how can they make “magic” money without using actual fuel or child labor to produce the platform/product. Everyone just want to be more aligned in knowledge about better developments, more rewarding on long term applications/use cases and long-term benefits instead of only instant vibes. Although they will be there - always) & I know how to make most peeps happy, because they tell me what they want, and I find the ways to make it happen! Power to the one Apecoin holders & let’s don’t forget smart whales that need the tokens to work in long benefit!”

7. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

(FatherOfAllStorms provided the Gazette with some of her artwork and 3D renderings to show what she’s been building. Take a look below)

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about FatherOfAllStorms’ campaign can reach out to her via Twitter @DuquePawlovsky

The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO's first round of Marketing and Communications Working Group voting is currently open and $Ape holders have until December 6th to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees.

After the first round of voting, the top five vote getting nominees will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become ApeCoin DAO Marketing and Communications Working Group candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from December 7th through December 13th. During this second vote, the community will officially elect first two Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards!

Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to every candidate running for $Ape office this winter and is working to bring you reports on all their candidacies. Stay tuned for updates!

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